"Epitaph" is our new upcoming album. We schedule the release of the first single from this album at -------- differently than previously announced.

The song that will be released first 
takes the name of "Not Always Good 
Things Stay Alive", from which the 
acronym N.A.G.T.S.A.
The song wants to tell the various 
"obligatory phases" of a relationship, 
aimed at strengthening it, through 
various sound textures that are the 
main feature of the song. 
But as the song name,
"Not always good things stay alive", 
in fact the protagonist's lover, 
based on the story of this concept 
album, dies in this song.

Below you can see one of the creative phases of this project, unfortunately still in its infancy. There is also a small preview of what will be the main theme of one of our next songs.